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Dot On, Inc. was incorporated in March 1999 as a Delaware “C” Corporation. Its primary place of business is Irvine, California. The Company has received over $950,000 in financing from the founders and seed investors. Dot On has developed an innovative passive reflective camera technology allowing it to track multiple reflective “dots” in three-dimensional space in real-time using low cost CMOS camera technology. Targets to be tracked are marked with a small reflective dot or dots making tracking cost effective and non-intrusive. At the heart of the Company's technology is its proprietary video image-processing chip, which can process these “dots” in real-time. Marking and tracking specific objects can eliminate false triggering in typically noisy environments (where people or moving equipment is present).

Dot On recently purchased the assets of Teveo is an online all-digital system developed in 1999 with over $8.4 Million of invested capital. The Company specialized in peer-to-peer video delivery allowing users to connect to specific cameras over the Internet, and to automatically record information directly to the TeVeo servers for later viewing. TeVeo’s peer-to-peer software ships with over 65% of all the webcams in the world. Their customers include many of the major camera suppliers including 3COM, Intel SiPix and others. Special features include the ability to detect and record motion-triggered events and to notify the owner via e-mail, fax or phone. The Teveo website currently supports over 170,000 registered users and manages thousands of cameras simultaneously. Additionally, this site has over ten thousand daily viewers with over three million page views per day. Teveo has become one of the defacto sites for webcam users. The Company is currently converting this robust technology to its security model to facilitate the use of a large numbers of diverse cameras and connections.

Security undoubtedly is a major concern today. However, the video security surveillance systems currently available in the marketplace do not offer the levels of sophistication needed for most video surveillance applications. Dot On has developed solution to the most prevalent problems with video surveillance today including:

  • Evaluation of recorded information is expensive and time consuming
  • Triggering is complex and limited.
  • False alarms res ult in unnecessary recording of video information and can create major problems for customer’s forcing them to unnecessarily review large amounts of information.
  • Cameras lack the capability and performance to be easily set up for:

  •     -multiple recording environments
         -record and convert video image information to digital data
         -compress on-the-fly to multiple compression formats
         -provide video information via multiple medias and protocols
  • Installation and set up of systems is difficult, costly and time consuming
  • Lack of Remote Video Access
  • Lack of system compatibility – No standard architecture
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